Community in Bermuda Unites to Build a Garden at The Salvation Army

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by Salvation Army Bermuda
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Throughout October, The Salvation Army in Bermuda took part in the “Housing4All” Campaign. This movement brought different organizations in Bermuda together to take part in various events to raise awareness about homelessness in the country.

To honour the campaign, The Salvation Army’s Emergency Housing Shelter in Pembroke, Bermuda, decided to host a volunteer event, which brought in a good number of people to build a new community garden just outside the shelter.

Marjorie Armstrong, who is a caseworker at the emergency shelter, had the idea for the community garden. She believed that building a garden would not only be a great volunteer opportunity but would also help the residents of the shelter in the long run.

“It will help to feed them, and it will allow us to feed other people as well.”

“It is going to be self-sufficient. It will also help our people to get them busy, get them doing something. It will help to feed them, and it will allow us to feed other people as well,” Marjorie explained.

The community garden event gathered 15 volunteers from a charitable community group called “Bermuda is Love”, as well as many staff members from The Salvation Army including Executive Director Lieutenant Lester Ward and Shawn Thomas who is the manager of the shelter.

Even though the event lasted only two hours, it served as a great opportunity for bonding, and learning.

“We did a pretty good job, it was amazing to see the progress that came about it,” Shawn said.

For Lieutenant Ward, the experience was rewarding in every aspect. Not only were they able to turn a piece of land into a garden in such a short time, but they also enjoyed their time and made new connections.

“What I feel the biggest takeaway is from this is not just the garden and the goods, but rather the relationships that have been built,” Lieutenant Ward said.

Thanks to the creation of the garden now the residents will have something to care for which will provide food for them and others in the community. In addition, the Army opened new doors for future volunteer collaborations.

“The volunteers loved it. They intend to continue to help us in any way they can,” Marjorie added.

World Homelessness Day

As part of Housing4All, The Salvation Army also took part in an event at City Hall in Hamilton, Bermuda, that commemorated World Homelessness Day, which takes place every year on October 10.

Residents of Harbour Light attended in representation of The Salvation Army.

Chandra-Lee Bascome who is an administrator at Harbour Light said that the residents took part in an impactful visual initiative.

“They said we put a roof over their head, we give them soup, that The Salvation Army shows love and compassion.”

“They gave everyone cardboard boxes, and with the boxes, the men at Harbour Light were asked to write whatever they wanted about The Salvation Army. So they said we put a roof over their head, we give them soup, that The Salvation Army shows love and compassion. They put all of that and decorated their boxes,” Chandra-Lee said.

The event had several speakers who shared their inspirational stories of overcoming homelessness to bring awareness about this prevailing issue.

By Juan Romero