An Easter Message from the Divisional Commander

by SDG

Dear friends and community partners of The Salvation Army Bermuda Division:

There is no question, we are living in a time of unprecedented uncertainty – it is unlike anything we have experienced before.My prayer is that you are healthy and strong and surrounded by those you love – and who love you – even though remotely.  I invite you to join me in praying for those who are unwell, who’ve experienced deep loss and lonely isolation, and who struggle with finding God in all the change and chaos.

We pray also for our leaders and front-line workers that provide leadership and ensure our beloved Country is safe.

The temptation in times like these is to allow fear and worry to creep into our thoughts and rob us of our joy.  But in this uncertain world filled with many unknowns, we need to remember what we do know:  God is love!  God is with us!  He is our refuge and strength – now and forever! And unlike the conditions around us, He never changes.  He is the Good Shepherd who will indeed guide us through this storm. For this I am thankful.

As we are encouraged to embrace the reality of COVID-19, please…..also embrace the reality of Easter:  that ‘God so loved the world….He gave His only son for us….’  This truth will bring us hope in these days.

Thank you for your continued support of the Army’s mission in these days.

God bless you and your families this Easter.

Major Sandra Stokes
Divisional Leader – Bermuda